Our Process

We take a 360° approach to developing any project or program. From initial conversation through post-campaign analytics, we follow a Transformative Design Process™ (TDP) that’s about integrating all elements, synchronizing brilliant creativity with your exact needs and market context…and delivering real Return On Design Investment™.

That process includes client service that’s among the most seasoned and insightful you’ll find, thanks to our teams’ decades of experience delivering effective B2C and B2B solutions.

We know how marketing and design practices should function in the real world of your category, your culture and your brand plan.  The goal of Biersma TDP? Deliver programs with results that aren’t just satisfactory, but transforming.

1. Discover

We’ll ask a thousand questions. We’ll wade in to find out what characterizes your business, your category, your audience. And we’ll want to know not just what your goals are today…but how you’d like to succeed tomorrow.

2. Define

We’ll work with you to define exact deliverables, and create detailed briefs to guide the process forward, whether for a brand identity design or an international marketing program, in an ongoing dialogue that’s crucial to success.

3. Strategize

Design or creative work can’t exist in a vacuum: to be truly functional and optimized, any element has to proceed from sound strategy. We’ll do the groundwork and develop the insights necessary to put a breakthrough plan in front of you — a rigorous template for your branding, marketing or media program that can include projected Return On Design Investment™ (RODI).

4. Design

Whether a Web site design or a trade print execution, we’ll always work closely and collaboratively with any client to provide a range of design explorations. We push ourselves – and the client – to create the most impactful and dynamic work possible.

5. Develop & Deploy

Whether we’re executing it internally or using some of the sharpest vendor services around, we aim for faultless execution: the perfect brochure, the outstanding Web site, the leads-generating live event.

6. Analyze & Report

We’re dedicated to capturing and analyzing the results of our work to maximize RODI™ and obtain the best possible impact per dollar. That’s true whether we’re auditing your customers’ response to a new brand identity or a national media campaign: we can provide either baseline analytics or more comprehensive research on the results we’ve delivered.