What is RODI?

We believe any design, creative or marketing product for a business client should be judged by measurable and accountable results. It’s a philosophy we call Return On Design Investment™ that guides us on every project:

  • RODI demands we bring our whole expertise to bear to maximize returns on any project – whether for the Web, branding, advertising or other marketing media.
  • RODI involves bottom-line returns…but also aims to gauge the positive brand image, goodwill, viral buzz and market momentum that great design delivers.
  • RODI enforces accountability that differentiates us from other agencies, because we treat the client’s budget like it was our own.
  • By quantifying RODI at the branding stage, we can often project the benefits of supporting that branding with marketing and advertising.
  • Maximizing RODI requires focus on developing extremely tailored, customized solutions for clients; cookie-cutter solutions won’t drive optimal returns.
  • RODI lets us contribute to our clients’ knowledge base, as we educate them on how to assess effective branding, marketing and advertising.

At the Define stage of our Transformative Design Process™, we and the client decide what yardsticks will be best for evaluating success. These will vary by medium, by objective, by client industry or overall strategy, but we set benchmarks and expectations for RODI™ at the start.

As a baseline, we can provide off-the-shelf measurement packages using tools like SurveyMonkey and Zoomerang, among others, so our clients can easily judge program success with their customers. Or we’ll develop customized metrics packages that can go into even greater depth and detail.