Brand Audits

What’s a Brand Audit? It’s a survey of how your present branding is viewed by prospects, stakeholders, employees, even your competition and the general public.

Why does a Brand Audit matter?

Brand perceptions often create a complex and elusive picture, but  it’s crucial that you determine how your various audiences view your brand. Knowing where you already stand is that fundamental first step toward developing a successful branding strategy that can build your presence, reputation and business.

How do we deliver it?

At Biersma Creative, we’ll work with you to develop the right qualitative and quantitative methodology to unearth people’s attitudes toward your brand.  Then we’ll use those insights to drive a brand strategy that will guide renovation of your existing brand identity and positioning, or the development of new ones.

With the intelligence accrued during a Biersma Creative Brand Audit, you’ll make smarter, more cost-effective branding decisions, based on information about areas that include…

  • Brand situational analysis
  • Analysis of brand touchpoints
  • Segmentation and attitudes among your critical audiences
  • Comparison of your brand’s messages versus key competitors
  • Employees’ current brand knowledge and brand image perceptions

As a Chicago brand design agency with a long history of delivering smart, on-target brand identity systems and brand positioning programs for B2B clients, we’ll be happy to show you how Brand Audits can be an invaluable component of your brand’s success.