Brand & Logo Design

We’ve been down this road a hundred times, but we never tire of developing brand marks and logos for our clients — the results they see make it worthwhile.  That’s why they rely on our skills as a leading Chicago brand and logo design agency.

Every business needs good visual branding

To tell your story, catch their eye. Your brand mark or logo is crucial visual branding – it arrests their attention, while delivering an instant impression of your brand’s unique personality and positioning.  And it helps unite everything in your marketing arsenal, from business cards to product packaging.  Plus, using a well-crafted logo tells your prospects, vendors and employees you’re a serious marketer who knows the value of a solid brand identity.

Getting to great: how we design brandmarks & logos

In our decade-plus as a Chicago brand design firm, we’ve delivered impactful logo and brand mark designs for literally hundreds of firms.   Just as with our  Naming & Tagline services,  we follow key guidelines like:

  • Strategy first. Any brand mark or logo needs to be guided by a comprehensive brand strategy that understands your company, your product and your target.
  • Client collaboration is key, as we’ll regularly check off our design concepts with you throughout development.
  • Designed around equity. We create brand mark and logo options that deliver real impact and retention, but are based on a brand’s real core equities and promise.
  • Evergreen execution means the the dollar you spend on a logo today should keep delivering  Return On Design Investment™ well into the future; just ask Coca-Cola, Ford or IBM about the power of consistent, classic brand marks.
  • A mark that’s marketable. We’ll provide logo solutions intended to function across a wide variety of usages – from print to Web to email to packaging.
  • Usage guidelines and brand standards are a complete set of rules your staff, vendors and other users can follow to ensure consistency wherever your logo and identity system is utilized.

View our logo gallery

…to see some of the logos and brand marks we’ve developed.  They’re usually part of complete identity systems for our brand design clients.