Brand Strategy

What constitutes “brand strategy”?  It’s about creating a name, tagline, symbol or design that identifies and differentiates your firm, product or service, then defining the positioning, brand design guidelines and marketing tactics that consistently reinforce it with prospects, customers and stakeholders.  As a brand design and marketing agency, we’ve employed our Transformative Design Process™ to help forge effective brand strategies for scores of clients.

Why a Brand Strategy matters

Your brand is a foundational element of marketing, and you need to closely manage how it’s perceived.  How should you be positioned in customers’ minds versus the competition?  How does your brand walk, talk and act, as expressed through the Web, through collaterals, even how your employees or sales force interacts with customers?

As the battle for awareness, sales and share intensifies, spreading across a maze of marketing media and platforms, a focused brand strategy is crucial.  A marketer who’s not controlling their own brand is leaving their positioning and reputation to the whims of the marketplace…or even in the control of their competitors.

How we deliver transformational Brand Strategy

We gather every scrap of relevant data about how your brand is perceived, ideally through a Brand Audit. We collaborate with you in defining and testing what branding cues your target audience responds to, identifying the brand barriers that need to be overcome, and laying out a long-term strategy that elevates your brand’s presence by defining:

  • An effective brand positioning
  • Brand name and identity development guardrails
  • An objectives-driven calendar and budget for branding rollout and support
  • Branding extensions – against multiple product lines, for example

See how it’s done

We’ve spent over a decade as a Chicago BsC and B2B brand design agency, forging powerful branding strategies for our clients.  See more than a few examples.