Electronic Document Design

As a Chicago-based design and marketing firm, we know the worth of extending your brand or aesthetic to intelligently-designed electronic documents, whether for presentations, tutorials, technical documentation or internal communications.

The lifeblood of daily business

You’ve probably seen a dynamite document design or two.  And they’ve probably made their content that much more memorable – because they were examples of smart Design Thinking.

Clear, impactful communication is essential to good business, and that includes well-designed electronic documents, because the better you communicate, the better for your business.

At Biersma Creative, we know that “designing” documents isn’t just about logos, graphic flourishes or other touches.  It’s about using Design Thinking to craft intelligent, efficient tools that first and foremost serve as optimal communications – they make their point, engage and motivate the reader or viewer, and lay out clear steps for further action.  Though there’s nothing wrong with making them look dynamic, even glowingly impressive, as they’re doing their job.

Formats and platforms

• For PPT, InDesign, Prezi, other presentation formats
• For HTML, XML, PDF or any other electronic document format your enterprise may need.