Environmental Graphics

Whether for a corporate office, a campus, a gallery or showroom, Biersma Creative can design and produce environmental graphics that excel at immersing employees, prospects or customers in the message, impression or ambience you want to project. .  Examples?   Signage, wayfinding graphics, architectural graphics, themed environments, retail design and information design such as maps and infographics, just to name a few.

Designing spaces to arouse action

Environmental graphics allow you to tailor surroundings and spaces to drive very specific outcomes – whether guiding people down a path via directional signage, or imparting information or even a specific mood by using environmental graphics to embed them in a particular space, such as a corporate lobby or a showroom.

Regardless of if the approach is bold or subtle, ultragraphic or subdued, our environmental graphics capabilities allow you to control and manage any environment to suit your needs.

TDP™ can transform the surroundings

Our Transformative Design Process™ involves working closely with you and your team to conceptualize and produce the designs and graphics that realize your vision for a given space or situation – transforming both the space and the results you’ll see, in B2B and consumer-facing applications like:

  • Identity graphics
  • Signage & signage systems
  • Wayfinding systems
  • Architectural graphics
  • Interior design concepting
  • Infographic/pictogram design
  • Exhibit design
  • Dynamic environments
  • Retail and display design
  • Themed environments