At Biersma Creative, we provide quick, expert copywriting services for business and consumer marketing, public relations, advertorial and informational projects of all kinds.  And the copy we write is designed to drive results.

Words that engage, motivate, instruct…and sell

What’s the last headline or marketing message you read that really grabbed you and made you take action?  Odds are, it sold you on its insight, relevance and value…and didn’t wear out its welcome by dodging around the point.

Good copywriting, whether for B2B or consumer marketing, is sharp, short, and immediate in its impact – but is also diligently honed and customized so your message and call-to-action are unique, speaking clearly to your audience.  Good copy is where the battle is won – or lost, if doesn’t do its job

‘Tell and sell’ in every medium

If you’re after a B2B copywriter with expertise that can speak to your specific business, we draw on staff and affiliate copywriters whose experience and skill sets range across the entire B2B and consumer spectrum, working on projects that encompass:

  • Web
  • Social media
  • Blogging
  • Email & eblast
  • Direct marketing
  • Advertising
  • Advertorial
  • Content writing
  • Training and technical materials
  • Brochures and collaterals
  • Public relations and media content

And more…

Read what’s been written

Read through these samples<<link>> of the great copywriting we’ve delivered for clients in Chicago, nationally and internationally.