Biersma Creative’s top-flight copywriting capabilities give you the ability to field effective, engaging advertorial that will add punch to any B2B or B2C advertising or marketing campaign…and lend your brand the credibility and authenticity that’s absolutely crucial — regardless of your market.

Deeply engage…then, direct!

Using advertorial — in trade print or consumer print, as part of your online advertising and marketing, or in any other channel — makes more sense than ever.  Prospects want more information, not less, as they assess products, decide issues, and make choices.  And advertorial gives them the depth and detail they’re looking for in a Web-driven, content-rich age.

We know how to craft advertorial that’s engaging, informational and behavior-driving.  If you’re in a category where you’ve got to relate complex or multi-faceted information is there any better option? There’s no substitute for quality copy that convincingly provides clear and promising solutions to the readers’ challenges, where any ‘’sell” is subtle, and directs them to action.  It’s why our advertorial work can generate impressive response by following a few proven rules, like:

  • Information, not propaganda: people crave good information, so we ensure your advertorial is truly valuable content — not oversell or self-serving hucksterism that will kill their interest dead.
  • Leave them wanting more: however informative it is, good advertorial doesn’t tell the entirety of the tale, and motivates the prospect to find out the rest of the story.
  • Don’t show your hand…but do ask for action: it’s a thin line to tread, but we deliver advertorial that’s not blatant solicitation — yet still doesn’t forget the “advertise” in “advertorial,”  and drives them to contact you to find out more!

Information, integrated

We’ll make certain your advertorial executions are part of a complete, flighted multimedia strategy that can include blogging, e-newsletters, podcasts and video, leveraging complimentary content to maximize impact.  So as you’re building leads, you’re also be building credibility and authority that distinguishes you versus competitors.