Out-Of-Home Media

We can create out-of-home advertising solutions to drive awareness and sales, using a range of traditional and innovative OOH media that can fit into almost any B2C or B2B marketer’s strategy.

It’s more than “outdoor”

The entire spectrum of out-of-home touchpoints is impossible to sum up simply; it ranges from billboards and transit cards to brand ambassadors, guerilla marketing, site installations and much more.

But if it’s a proper strategic fit, we can help you employ the right OOH tool at the right touchpoint to drive uniquely effective impressions, even driving specific calls-to-action that work with your digital or trade event presence to deliver qualified leads and real Return On Design Investment™.  And we’ll show you how it can do it in very cost-effective ways.

Mapping your OOH execution

For the B2B marketer, there are a surprising number of options we can help deploy to reach your very specific audience — not only a billboard outside a trade event, but hospitality greeter packages through local hotels, imaginative guerilla tactics,  wildpostings, on-site promotions and many others.

The idea — and its effectiveness — are only limited by the imagination of the marketer and agency.  Here are just a few of the options we can explore as your Chicag0-based OOH agency:

  • Traditional OOH: billboards, transit cards, taxi cards, bus cards, mall advertising, trade show advertising, cinema advertising
  • Digital OOH: downloadable apps, video or content via Wifi/bluetooth, bluejacking, digital on-site promotions, interactive digital media displays, ‘Video Vest’ programs, Augmented Reality executions, kiosks and simulators
  • Guerilla OOH: wildpostings, windshield/doorhanger flyers, street demos, pop-up stores
  • Experiential OOH: brand ambassador teams, live performances, streetpainting, custom inflatables, mobile sampling and demo stations