Radio, TV & DRTV

We can create inventive, creative but precisely-targeted radio, TV, Direct Response TV executions and more that are solid components of a B2C or even B2B advertising and marketing strategy.

No shotguns necessary

The B2C or B2B marketing manager who see radio or TV as a risky, expensive and scattershot investment may have a point, but in our opinion, it’s important be judicious in any media choice. Broadcast advertising can still be a very effective spend for even a small to mid-range marketer, if they combine great creative execution with a firm grasp on their target and where to locate them.

At Biersma Creative, our first step is to work with our client to decide if broadcast is a sensible part of a marketing plan — by looking at all the benefits and trade-offs and examining the media market to see if there are opportunities for precise focus.  An in-store radio network (Walmart, for example) may make far more sense than an FM buy across an entire market; using a long-format DRTV infomercial can deliver solid results — and if you’re running it on hotel entertainment channels during a major trade show, you’re hitting prospects straight on.

  • Radio has cost-to-reach effectiveness that makes it a powerful buy, and the segmentation you get by picking the right station format or daypart can give your brand, even in the business-to-business world, potent exposure.
  • TV is an increasingly segmented/focused way to reach consumers and B2B prospects of all kinds, with multiplying cable channels and the incredible amount of real-time segmentation and targeting possible with online delivery of video.
  • DRTV is always effective at driving response, and can be used in a number of ways that make sense for even B2B marketers, from closed-channel networks to online executions that blur the border between ‘direct response’ and ‘Webinar,’ and more.

Turn to us…for turnkey creative and production

We concept, test and execute everything from individual spots to long-format productions, using a rich variety of vendors, talent and production services providers located in Chicago and around the U.S.A.  Whether you simply need announcer-read scripts for a local radio promotion or a dazzling digital EFX spot, we’ve got the resources and capabilities to accomplish it.