Email Marketing

As a digital marketing agency, we’ve provided clients with hard-hitting email marketing programs that deploy stylish, professional-looking email communications to build strong customer relationships, delivering real Return On Design Investment™.

Boost communication, maximize response, build loyalty

We’ll work closely with you to develop a strategically-driven email marketing program, using our collaborative Transformative Design Process™.    Together, we’ll build an email newsletter program keyed to the recipient’s particular interests – so your initial emailings will reach customers’ inboxes more consistently than regular email.

We’ll generate content that will grab their interest by providing the kind of authentic value and depth they’re looking for — the kind of value that separates you from inbox spam, builds a connection and makes them loyal.   Evangelical, even.

It’s all in the execution

There are best practices that any good email marketing agency uses, and they’re standard procedure at Biersma Creative:

  • Target & re-target your lists: to increase impact, we’ll help you sharpen you database — segmenting it in to interest-oriented lists that allow us to send out newsletters with maximum relevance to that subgroup.  Which means more likelihood of response!
  • Build in bounceback: we can include added value calls-to-action, subtle or overt promotional messages and links to “exclusive” content, video, et al, designed to drive immediate response.  But we’ll modulate any offer so it’s suitable to your brand image, your category and your customer.
  • Follow the easy path to referrals:  we’ll make your email newsletters “forward-worthy,” creating viral presence among potential new prospects as you newsletter is passed on to others.
  • Instant results, real-time reports:  you’ll be able to monitor response as soon as it happens, and plot when and where to send your next newsletter based on hard data.
  • Slice and dice the data:  who clicked which article?  Who forwarded it, and who did they forward it too?  We’ll constantly tailor your content to generate the best response!