Social Media & Blogging

As a social media agency that ’s also expert in creating effective blogs and stocking them with useful content that builds links and traffic, we tell there’s just as much strategy, coordination and executional skill involved in leveraging social media as there is in attacking any other marketing channel.

We’ll help optimize your interactions

Our approach to social media is holistic — because a social media program that isn’t integrated with other efforts is probably wasting money.

Social Media Optimization, especially for a B2C or B2B firm, needs to account for a wide range of factors: is it following SMO best technical practices?  Are you offering valuable, re-postable/reTweetable/forward-worthy content?  Is your social program properly ‘flighted’ — meaning, does it work in strict coordination with your other marketing efforts, both digital and traditional, to create cumulative marketing impact?

A smart path to effective implementation

Our multi-step implementation strategy for an effective social media and blogging campaign includes:

  • Strategy: by defining specific and measurable goals, we’ll be able to pick the proper mix of channel, content, syndication, et al, to achieve them.
  • Architecture: determine what platforms, applications and features make sense, in the world of Web 2.0 and beyond.
  • Activation: we’ll build blogs, social media pages, wikis, surveys, BBS/forum sites, etc., and integrate the apps, features, cross-linking and other functions to make them work synergistically.
  • Management: once launched, we can manage your social media presence, working from a predetermined content calendar that compliments your marketing plan, while also being responsive to your user community and developing news, industry events, and more.
  • Monitoring: we’ll track results — who’s visiting your blog, who’s retweeting your Tweets, who’s saying what about you where on the Web — and keep up continual feedback with you to adjust and optimize your program.