Marketing Audits

“Next to doing the right thing, the most important thing is to let people know you are doing the right thing.” – John D. Rockefeller

As a marketing services agency, we provide Marketing Audits as a cornerstone element of the planning process – using them not just at the beginning of the process, but at checkpoints during implementation.

The right tool for the job

At Biersma Creative, we’ll deploy the  Audit method that’s called for by your specific situation – for example,  SWOT analysis, PEST analysis, Five Forces or others — to get at a comprehensive picture of…

• Your internal marketing environment
• The external marketing environment
• Your current Marketing Plan
• Clearly-delineated RODI™ goals for future marketing efforts

With the intelligence captured during a Biersma Creative Marketing Audit, we’ll assemble a Marketing Plan oriented toward maximizing your Return On Design Investment (RODI™) that will…

• Maximize your marketing spend’s direct efficiency in terms of exposure, leads and prospects generated
• Drive buzz and collateral awareness of your brand and products

We with you partner in painting the picture

Biersma Creative will collaborate with you to lay out the scope of the audit, build a budget, identify stakeholders, customers, etc., for interview, SWOT/PEST sessions, or whatever other approach required.  We’ll jointly create a Marketing Audit Questionnaire customized to your specific needs, then analyze the results so we can develop insights to steer development of your complete marketing plan — a plan that will  maximize Return On Design Investment™.

Turning data into dividends

We’ll compile and analyze the results of the Marketing Audit — and give you our professional recommendations on how to leverage all of those insights as guidelines for an effective marketing plan.