Sales Promotion

We can offer decades’ worth of experience in consulting and planning sales promotion programs for B2B and B2C brands; our leadership team has delivered award-winning campaigns for blue chip marketers ranging from packaged goods to industrial OEMs to state lotteries.

Engage your prospect — with pinpoint precision

We’ll work with you to develop a sales promotion  plan that defines who you’re after, what their triggers are, and where we’re going to touch them most efficiently.   The how — implementation — can range from an online value-added offer to a mail-in redemption, from a text-to-win mobile game to to a national entertainment tie-in.

When it’s done by experts, sales promotion can add perceived value to your brand, driving leads and buzz like very few other approaches.

Sales Promotion Toolkit

  • Sweepstakes, both traditional and online
  • Sports and entertainment property tie-in programs
  • Instant win programs, traditional (scratch-offs, match-and-wins, etc.) and online (including mobile/text and Web-based)
  • Mail-in redemption/rebate programs
  • Value-added offers for business-to-business or consumer marketing applications
  • Sampling & demo programs
  • Continuity/frequent user programs
  • Self-liquidating offers
  • Point-of-sale/shopper marketing/merchandising
  • Premiums/toy development and sourcing
  • Promotional/non-promo game design